How to throw an epic galentine’s day brunch for your gals

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Calling all ladies! It’s time for the holiday that celebrates with chocolate, hearts and the color pink. No, I’m not talking Valentine’s Day, but rather her spunkier twin sister, Galentine’s Day!

We’re teaming up with Studio Ink to show you how to host the most epic Galentine’s Day brunch. We’ve got everything from red velvet heart waffles to DIY centerpieces to card writing stations.

First, let’s talk about the food. It’s not brunch without a fabulous array of treats.

For our Galentine’s Day brunch, we have berry parfaits, donut skewers, mini muffins, bellinis and a red velvet waffle bar, displayed under a backdrop of letter balloons, paper hearts and tassels.

Decorate your table with a few gold bottles and single flower stems. You don’t want your table to be too cluttered because you’ll want to also have space for all the card writing you’ll do.

Your friends are going to LOVE throwing it back with these DIY paper mailboxes and stuffing them with handwritten cards.

All your Galentine’s Day cards now have a home.

Add some stickers to your mailbox for extra flair. You can download these Studio Ink Galentine’s Day stickers. Just print on sticker paper and cut them out.

Be sure to also set out cards and cute card writing supplies like glitter, stickers, fun markers and confetti so you and your friends can have fun decking out their cards and envelopes.

Check out how cute these cards are! *heart eyes emoji*

I don’t know about you… but all this card writing is getting me hungry.

These waffles were a hit when we tested these red velvet heart waffles at the Brit + Co kitchen and they certainly will be on your Galentine’s Day brunch table.

Place the waffles on a platter along with the glaze and other toppings. We’re using heart shaped sprinkles, for obvious reasons.

Drizzle the glaze on your waffles with a spoon or with a creamer. No matter how you do that drizz, your waffles will be delicious! Mmm delightful!

Ok, I already know I want seconds. What better way to wash down your second (and maybe third) helping of waffles than with a bellini? Check out the full post for the downloadable signature recipe!

Now, enjoy a spectacular Galentine’s Day with your brunch babes!

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