How to make a skateboard ring

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You will need 6 to 7 Veneers, container of tight bond three glue, and one clamp

Put glue or veneer and spread evenly

And put glue on the bottom veneer and then the one that goes on top of that

line the veneers them up

Then continue the steps until you are finished

I gently push veneers together to flatten them

Place one side equal to each other making sure that it's flat on one side

wash the glue off your hands

Lift clamp so you can put Veneers in

Put down clamp on Veneers

Make sure veneers are in centre of crap

Tighten the clamp tell you can't tighten anymore Then leave for six or more hours

Take the veneers out of the clamp.

Then you need to cut a whole out of the veneers.

Then you need to put the peace in the jig. Then take a clamp and clamp the jig to the table.

Then cut the veers

Put your fingers on the top part of the blame and put blade against the Jig.

Continue till it something close to round

Then use the Dremel to Sand with 60 grit sandpaper till it is round.

Every once and a while check it and see if you find it it's round enough.

Then sand inside ring with 120 Grit sandpaper till smooth.

This is what it should look like by the end of standing with 60 and 120 grit sandpaper.

Then when using the grill stand with 400 sandpaper till smooth.

Where gloves and take shop towels put superglue

Keep glue away from face and eyes while it's smoking

This will be a two person job. One person will spend the girl slowly why the other Poston will apply glue

Apply glue on inside of ring and around the edge

If necessary snd with 400 grid

For the final coat put a nice thick coat

After school with a drag enjoy wearing your skateboard ring

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