How to convert pdf files to doc format

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The first step is to download Classic PDF Editor and save the setup file on your desktop.

Now double click on the Classic PDF Editor Setup file you just downloaded and follow onscreen instructions to install.

Once the installation is complete, double click on Classic PDF icon on your desktop to launch the application.

Now in the application menu bar, click on Open > Open a PDF Document.

Now select the PDF file you want to convert to Doc format and click on OK.

Once you are done selecting the PDF file you want to convert to Doc, you will see the file open in Classic PDF Work Area.

Now click on Convert in the Classic PDF Editor top menu.

After this, click on PDF to Doc icon and wait for the conversion to complete.

After the conversion is complete, your converted document in .doc will open in Microsoft Word or any other editor you are using. Now simply save the document on your computer.

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