How to perfect platform for knowing the basics blogging

Blogging is an art. So, they all started somewhere.

You can also start blogging today. Just follow a few simple steps and Voila! You will become the proud owner of your very own blog.

Carve your niche by producing top quality posts

Before creating a blog it’s important to know how to write. This means the blogger should have a clear idea on how to produce articles that can attract traffic.

Write about topics that are trendy and interesting. Try to have a good sense of humour and organized your posts in a way that they prove inspirational for readers that follow you.

. Insert keywords that are recognised by Google so that your blog would show up on keyword related searches.

And most importantly, be regular. It's very essential to market your blog. Post regularly and get your followers hooked onto your posts.

Choose a Free host and start rolling

Blogger is powered by Google. Hence, there is no chance of any scam. It's very authentic and totally free.

Though there are self hosted options but this article will not focus on that. It's for advanced blogging services.

Sign up and you will be just a fewclicks away from creating a blog

Visit Google and log onto the account. If you don't have one you can create a free account on Google. Just click the sign up button. Add a username and a password, press enter and done.

You have successfully set up a Google account. Next, go to the Blogger page and click the ‘create a new blog’ option. Then add your blog name and address.

You can make it yourself or choose from the options menu. Lastly, click the new blog option and start typing.

Congrats, you have successfully created a new blog by visiting this page. For more details and options, click here.

Make your blog stand out and fight your competitors

There are millions of blogs online and every blog has some good things to offer but in order to market your blog.

I do a lot of research and look out for potential bloggers that might be producing content similar to your chosen topic. Try making your posts unique, authentic and interesting to read.

Possibly add things that people can relate to and can help readers learn something useful. Stick to the advice and you will go on a very long way. Good luck!

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