How to french braid

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First you comb through the hair to remove any tangles.

Next you section the hair off wherever you want the braid to start.

Then you divide the hair into three even sections.

Next you take either one of the outside sections and switch it with the one in the middle so that it crosses over the middle piece.

Cross over the other outside piece so that it replaces the one in the middle, again making sure it goes over the middle piece.

Move the opposite outside piece to the center, this time adding another small section of the hair from the hair that is down. Make sure to smooth out the newly added hair when you add it to the braid.

Continue the process of moving outer pieces to the center and adding a new section of hair each time until you run out of new hair to add.

Once you reach the bottom of the braid, finish the braid by continuing to move the outside pieces inward but without adding new pieces.

Continue braiding all the way down the hair.

Secure the braid by wrapping a hair elastic around the end.

Gently pull on every piece of the braid to create a bigger, more even braid.


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