How to perform a yoga sun salutation

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Start with feet together at the top of the mat. Stand tall, with your arms at your sides, relax shoulders. Begin to breathe deeply.

Breathe in deep as you look up and raise your hands towards the sky.

Exhale as you fold your body forward.

Place your hands on your shins and inhale for a half lift.

Exhale as you place your hands onto the mat and lower yourself into tabletop. Hands are under shoulders, knees are under hips and back is straight.

Inhale for cow. Spine curves upwards as stomach pulls toward mat. Gaze is up.

Exhale for cat. Arch your back up toward the ceiling. You should be looking at your stomach. Repeat cow and cat cycle 3 times.

Inhale to plank. Hands should be under shoulders, back is straight.

Exhale into downward dog. Push hips as far up as you can, heels should be reaching for ground. Arms are straight as you look at your stomach.

Bring feet towards your hands to get into a forward fold. Inhale and exhale here 3 times.

Inhale as you bring your body up straight and reach arms to the sky.

Exhale as you lower your arms. Begin the sun salutation from the beginning. Try to repeat the entire sequence with one pose flowing into the next. Remember your breath!

Watch the video: Surya Namaskar with breathing pattern. Step By Step Sun Salutation by Yogi Nityanandam Shree


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