How to make mashed potato bacon bomb

Remember to cut your cheese into small cubes.

First, take a small chunk of mashed potato, put the cheese into the center and close it. The ball should be kinda thin that you can kinda feel the cheese inside, it will help the cheese melt easier.

Roll them into small cutie balls ^^

Roll it over the egg wash, and the bread crumbs. Do it twice for a fuller, crispier coat.

And then wrap those babies by bacon, secure with some toothpicks. I think it is better if you cut the bacon strip into half and wrap it in a criss cross pattern (I hope that makes sense lol) 😂😂

Fry them on low heat, when you see the meat is kinda golden, put the lid on the pan you're frying with for about 30 seconds, doing that helps the cheese inside melt without burning the outside.

After frying them, let them sit on some tissue to reduce the excess oil.

And ta-daaa~! Your mashed potato bacon bomb is done and ready to serve! You should let it cool down just a little bit, you'll get a gorgeous, delicious string cheese inside! 😋

This is perfect for picnic, parties or game day. Or you can just enjoy it yourself. Seriously I just can't stop eating it. It's a guilty pleasure! 😂😂

Watch the video: Bacon-wrapped Cheesy Mashed Potato - Easy Recipe

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