How to 12 must-haves for the ultimate bestie care package

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If you're in a long distance bestie relationship, show some love by sending her a care package! We've teamed up with Studio Ink to compile a list of must-have items for the ultimate care package.

1. DIY a Confetti Clutch: We're huge proponents for confetti to liven up any occasion. DIY this clutch so that she can carry a confetti party wherever she goes.

2. Nail Polish: Painting nails is a helpful de-stresser, so be sure to pack a couple nail polish bottles in your bestie’s fave colors.

3. Homemade Cookies: In our opinion, cookies are one of the biggest joys in life. Whip up a batch of your bestie’s fave cookies to make the care package extra personal.

5. DIY A Tassel Keychain: Tassels are cute, on trend and super easy to make. Don’t let your best friend’s accessories go naked by making and sending her a tassel keychain.

6. Candles: There’s something about lighting a scented candle that instantly makes a place feel homey. If your friend just moved to a new place, candles are a must.

7. CD of Throwback Tunes: CDs are pretty retro these day, but they’re perfect for care packages. Burn a CD of songs that you + your friend jammed out to back in the day. Your friend will love it.

8. Framed Photos: Take a stroll down nostalgia lane by printing some of your fave photos of the two of you and framing them in these DIY paint-dipped picture frames.

9. DIY Watercolor Scarf: If you’re packing delicate items, you’ll need to wrap them up. What if your packing material was another present… like this super adorable scarf?

10. Washi Tape Accessories: If you friend just started school or a new job then cute office supplies are the way to go. Amp up any notebook or mousepad by adding washi tape.

12. Wrap Your Package: Make your care package beautiful on the inside and the outside by wrapping it with beautiful paper, ribbon or bows.

11. Tea: Show your friend that she’s your cup of tea by adding some tins of tea in the package.

Best friends <3

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