How to make an easy strawberry and banana sorbet!

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Step 1. Once you have gathered all your materials, get your strawberries and wash them well.

Step 2.Start off by pealing your banana and removing your strawberries leaves.

Step 3. Now get your chopping board and knife and start cutting your bananas in 2cm in with and your strawberries into 4 equal parts.

Step 4. After you have your bananas and strawberries cut, place them on to your plate and put them in the freezer for about 2/3 hours.

Step 5. Once it has been 2/3 hours take your frozen fruits out of your freezer and let them rest for about 2 mins for them to desolve out of the ice.

Step 6. Get your blender, plug it in and start placing your fruits into the blender, turn your blender on and let the fruits blend until they become a sorbet/creamy texture.

It should look like this when it's done.

Step 7. When your banana and strawberry sorbet has become a very nice creamy texture start scooping it out of the blender and into your small bowl.

Step 8. Once you've scooped all the sorbet get some nutella or sweets of your choise and start decorationg your sorbet with them.

Once you've drizzled some nutella on your sorbet you may want to add a piece of strawberry ontop to enjoy.

The end dish should look like this. Hope you enjoyed this simple recepie and now all you have to do is sit back relax and enjoy this delicious sorbet.

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