How to make a diy fabric photo backdrop

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Gone are the days of stuffy bridal showers in your partner-to-be’s great-aunt’s living room. Meet your new pre-wedding tradition: the boho bridal picnic!

We teamed up with Kia to bring this dreamy picnic in the woods to life. The Kia Sportage is a car designed for the gal that’s a planner and adventurer in one.

Perfectly curated experiences and excursions are what this ride was made for, and today’s boho shower is no exception.

We built a photo backdrop right off the trunk. Follow along to see how it’s done.

Gather your supplies. Smooth out the floral wire so that the majority of the kinks are straightened out.

Take one of the fabric strips and fold it in half.

Hold the folded part of the fabric over the wire and loop the ends through the loop so that the ends wrap around the wire. Be sure to make the first loop 12 inches from the end of the wire.

Continue adding fabric and ribbon strips to the wire with the same looping technique as the first strip, but be sure to leave the last 12 inches of the wire fabric free.

For ours, we didn’t stick with a strict pattern but made sure all colors and textures were evenly distributed. We also liked mixing longer lengths with shorter lengths.

To attach your backdrop to your opened trunk, have a friend help you wrap the wire ends of the backdrop to any nooks and crannies on the inside sides of the trunk.

We used some extra wire to connect the middle of the backdrop to the middle of the trunk.

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Watch the video: DIY Backdrop - My Experience Painting a Canvas backdrop Part 1


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