How to alter a home decor piece with mixed media

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This is the paper mache box that I started with... purchased at Michaels for $3.99 with a 40% coupon.

Give it a nice coat of gesso to prime the surface. I used my homemade gesso which you can see the recipe on the lid of the jar.

Using Mud Texture Paste on your stencil of choice on sides and top of box. Allow to dry.

Using 3D Gel Paste I adhered my embellishments, flowers and wood pieces to my box. Allow to dry.

Here are the assorted flowers I chose to use. I love the texture that the burlap flowers and leaves provide for my piece.

This is the tedious part, but important. Completely cover all areas with a nice coat of white gesso. Take your time and enjoy the process.

Here is the gesso covered box.

Let's get started with our sprays and paints. I also used baby wipes to remove excess of color where not wanted.

I first took the black paints and swiped over the high parts of the box and using a baby wipe, removed what I didn't want. This allows the black paint to get into the crevices nicely.

I then started adding my sprays. Starting with the darkest around the edges for shadowing. Heat set in between adding your colors so they won't blend together and you will get distinct colors.

I applied Copper Kenyan to the tops of my butterflys. The sparkle is amazing. This photo definitely doesn't do it justice.

Then an addition of Gold Metal Effects was applied here and there.

I decided to add a bit more bling, so I swiped the Versamark on top of the petals of some of the flowers and added Gold and Rust UTEE and then heat set.

After all done, I dry brushed AA's Velvet in Cotton mixed with Sorbet Linen on top to brighten up my project. This is one of the sides of the box that did not have any of the embellishments on it.

Here is a closeup of the butterfly. Unfortuntely the camera did not pick up the gorgeous sparkle that these paints provide.

Grab yourself some AA products and give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Drop by our blog @ and our store @

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Hope you have fun creating...

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