How to make broccoli and chicken fry

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Cut broccoli, mushroom and onion

Mix corn starch, salt, pepper and if you want some chilli powder.

Cut chicken into Cubes.

Mix chicken in corn starch and keep a side in plate . Because will use left over corn starch in box for sauce.

In remaining starch mix 1/4 soy sauce, 1/4 honey, grated ginger, two cloves of grated garlic. And red chilli flakes. Keep a side

Heat a PAN with tbsp oil and add mixture chicken in the PAN. Fry until brown on each side 5mins. Place fried chicken a side in a plate.

In the same PAN and broccoli, mushrooms, onions and sort them until soft, now add sauce we mixed and cook it for 2mins after add fried chicken cook for 3mins. It will be ready to serve! :)

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