How to 7 mother’s day gifts that won’t break the bank

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Keep mom trendy as ever by gifting her a few modern (and affordable!) accessories this Mother’s Day.

We’ve teamed up with JCPenney to share our favorite picks for all the trendsetter mamas (and expecting mamas!) in your life. After all, mom is #SoWorthIt. So cute!

1. Fringe Crossbody Bag ($27): If you’re giving this to your mama, she’ll love the fact that the leather fringe bags of her ‘70s youth are back in style. Feel free to get yourself one to match.

2. Payton Retro Sunnies ($17): These sunnies will slay. And they will make her summertime selfies oh-so-stylish.

3. Faux Reptile Embossed Wallet ($24.99): This electric pop of color will liven up your purse game, and it’s even large enough to carry as a small clutch.

4. ORLY “Window Shopping” Nail Polish ($5.70): This versatile pink polish will add a bright touch of femininity to any gal’s spring look.

5. Patterned Flat Iron + Travel Bag ($74.99 and up): We love the patterns on this flat iron It also comes with a travel bag so you don’t have to worry about it melting your clothes when traveling.

6. Adrienne Vittadini Tech Pouch ($16.80): Technically this is a tech pouch, but you can use it to store anything you want to keep within reach.

7. Zelda Hobo Bag ($47.40): This hobo-inspired bag is all about the perfect place for every little thing — there are enough pockets to satisfy even the most organize-obsessed person you know.

For more great accessory ideas for Mom, click here:

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