How to make a ladies dairy hat box with graphic 45

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Draw circle of 4" radius, cut out 1-1/2" from top and 4" from the bottom as shown, ready two pieces (or you can draw a template to trace, as you will need this for cutting papers later)

Cut two pieces chipboard 4"x2" for the base of the hat box

Cut 4 strips of 2"x12" and make it curve to fit the hat

Form them into shapes using connecting strips

Trace the shape on papers with extra half inch edges, cut and cover the outside

Trace the shape and cover the insides, beware of the directions of the pattern

Cut strips of 2-1/2" papers and cover the rest of the inside, fold the extra half inch to outside and adhere

Cut strips of 2" papers and cover the outside edges, be careful of the patterns if you choose strips

Install the hinges by the 4" base

Install the lock by the 2" top

Cut 7-1/4"x2" chipboard, cover with paper, glue inside the box as compartment

Cut chipboard 1pc 2" radius circle and strips of 1-1/2" width (I used scraps here, so two pieces)

Form it into shape using connecting strips

Cover the top with a layer of cotton (optional) and then 3" radius circle paper, fold and adhere the half inch edges as shown

Cover the sides with paper of 2" width, left half inch for adhere onto the box as shown

Adhere the part onto the box

For the handle, cut paper 1-1/2"x12", score and fold 3/8" each side and adhere

Cut the lace pattern from paper and adhere on the handle strips

Fold two times on each end by 1"

Cover the folded part with ribbons

Adhere the handle in the middle of the hat top, then done, you can start decoration with your hat box

For the mini album, draw a circle of 3-3/4" radius and cut out the lower part from 4-1/2", as shown. Cover with papers and punch 3 holes for rings, the rest is just insert more pages and decorate

A "Ladies Dairy" put on the top like label

Feathers, flowers, ribbons, cheese cloth, pearl trims...with some fussy cuttings

Stickers with fussy cuttings

A piece of wide ribbons with cheese cloth

Mini album inside the hat box, memoriables can be put in the small compartment

Mini album cover

Mini album cover ideas

Inside pages ideas

Inside pages ideas

Inside pages ideas

Inside pages ideas

Inside pages ideas

Inside pages ideas

Inside pages ideas

Inside pages ideas

Enjoy!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

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