How to create mixed media artist trading cards

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Prepare some cardboard. Distress the surface and add gesso.

Add Art Anthology Sorbet "Cayman".

Add a layer of Art Anthology Sorbet "Frost".

Add some shadows with Art Anthology Velvet "Kona".

Use Art Anthology Stone Effects "Bone" with the "Do the Polka" stencil.

Prepare some patterned paper (this is from DCWV) with a wash from the Art Anthology Metal Effects "Bronze".

You'll get a super shimmery surface!

Tare off some pieces from your patterned paper and add it with Gel Medium. Add some texture with Art Antholog Sorbet "Black Leather Jacket" and the "Cracked" stencil.

Prepare the main images. These are all stamps from Viva Las VegaStamps!. I stamped them with Archival Ink.

Stamp the card titles with Archival Ink and distress the paper with Art Anthology Coloration Spray "Sandcastle".

Paint the edges of each card with the Black Licorice Gelato.

Color the images (I used Distress Inks) and adhere everything to your cards.

Watch the video: Mixed Media Artist Trading Cards with Distress Ink Background


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