How to inspire mixed media heart using art anthology

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On an art journal page or watercolor paper spray Art Anthology's Juicy Colorations using Art Anthology's Morse Code stencil.

Then spray Art Anthology's Patience Colorations Spray with Art Anthology's Bubbles stencil.

You can use wet side of stencils like a stamp to cover other areas on your page.

Using Art Anthology's Patience Colorations Spray with Art Anthology's Rosette stencil add some overlapping sprays.

With a palette knife using Art Anthology's Rosette stencil and Art Anthology's Velvet in Lemon Tart add to the page.

I cut a heart out of card stock to use as a mask.

I then sprayed Art Anthology's Colorations Spray in Radar over the heart mask. I also let some drips splatter on to page.

The stenciled Rosette's were still wet.

I used a palette knife and scrape off the Rossettes revealing unique colors underneath.

Here is what it looks like after all the Rosettes where scraped off.

I then added Art Anthology's Lemon Tart Velvet paint to some areas inside the heart. I used a brush and only added it to a few areas.

I used Art Anthology's Radar Colorations Spray and Inspired Grunge stencil to spray the word inspired on a scrap of paper.

I made a little bandage out of scrap papers, glued it and inspired paper to heart.

I used a black Stabilo pencil to add some details.

I rubbed some of Art Anthology's Mud on a wood cut out key.

Then I added some of Art Anthology's Velvet in Lemon Tart to key.

I added some Art Anthology's Velvet in Fiesta to the its cap and stamped on to page in selective areas.

Like this.

I added key to page.

The I used a white Stabilo to add some designs to page.

Finished page looks like this. Thank you for looking!

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