How to make a layout with graphic 45 raining cats & dogs

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Cut a 7" circle from the center of Cats Meow.

Use the corner punch from MS 3 Dot Scallop punches to punch around the edge of the circle.

Cut an 8.5" square from Raining Cats and Dogs.

Layer plaid 8.5" square 2" from the top & 1" from the right. Add punched circle to upper left side as shown. Add a 6x6" square from the Patterns & Solids 3.125" from the top & 1.75" from the right.

Add banners as shown and glue a piece of jute cord to the top. Use foam squares, tape, or dots to pop up and attach over the circle as shown.

Attach this strip to the layout about 5.75" from the top. Mat your photo on black cardstock and pop up the photo with foam when adding to the layout.

Fussy cut the group of dogs from Four Legged Friends. Use foam to pop them up when adding to the layout. Add Love is Four-Legged Word from the sticker page.

Embellish the banner with small flowers.

Build a cluster of flowers and banners at the bottom right of the photo.

Add a title and other embellishments as desired. All finished!

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