How to create spread your wings layout

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Choose your patterned paper

Add your background using a stencil and Art Anthology Mud

Prepare your photo and matting

Give the photo dimension by adding pieces of cardboard to back of matting.

Adhere your photo and matting to your background and start adding color to your background using a small paintbrush and your Art Anthology products.

Mix Velvet Tuxedo with a few sprays of water until it's thin and add random splatters to layout.

Make some flowers to coordinate with your layout using dies and patterned paper.

You will now paint your flowers using a small paint brush and Colorations Salmon and Timeless and Velvet Limeaid. An optional step is to add Diamond Dust to your flowers.

Add additional splatters using the eyedropper and your Minx Shimmering inks in the color Immaculate.

An optional step is to add Diamond Dust to your flowers.

And there you have it...

a beautiful mixed media layout stacked with lots of lovely layers.

Watch the video: 5781 Spread your wings and fly 展開你的翅膀翱翔


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