How to hook up iphone 6 to home stereo receiver

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Connecting iPhone 6 to old home stereo without Bluetooth, Aux input, or any wire

Simply connect the music transmitter for iPhone to the audio jack of the iPhone 6

Set the home stereo receiver's dial to one of the three preset from the music transmitter for iPhone.

Make sure the setting on the transmitter matches the preset on the home stereo receiver.

Choose the sound or streaming media to listen to. We wil choose iHeartRadio for this demo

Choose whatever song you wish to hear from the iHeartRadio's App

You are now ready to enjoy the sound from your iPhone 6 thru the better louder speaker's of your home stereo receiver.

You are now free to move around and enjoy the wireless music from your iPhone thru your older home stereo receiver.

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Watch the video: 4 ways to connect your guitar to your home stereo see outline below


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