How to cut glass pentagons w/ morton portable glass shop

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Measure from the bottom of the pentagon to its highest point and record that measurement. This pentagon measures 4 ⅜".

Cut strips ⅜" wider than your final pentagon will be tall. This pentagon's final size will be 4 ⅜" tall so our strip will be 4 ¾" wide.

Set the angle for 72 degrees.

Lock it in place.

Make the first relief cut.

Break from the center to ensure you don't get burrs near the edges.

Each side of our pentagon needs to be 2 13/16".

Turn the glass over and using whatever method you prefer for accuracy mark for the width of one side of the pentagon. In this case it was 2 13/16".

Line your cutting head up with the mark and set the yellow block.

Congratulations, first cut made!

Continue to keep flipping your glass strip over to cut as many trapezoids as you need pentagons.

Leaving the yellow block in place, set the trapezoid up against it and make a cut. Do not break the score line yet.

Turn the trapezoid over and place it up against the block again. Make another score line. Now break both score lines. The reason for waiting to break both lines is to eliminate burrs near the tips.

Congrats! You can now cut pentagons! Special Note: If using glass you cannot cut on both sides then you must set a right and left hand 72 degree angle and swap back and forth for opposing cuts.

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