How to make a tall rhinestone centerpiece

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I created these beautiful centerpieces for a winter wedding at the beginning of the month. Now you can make them too with this step-by-step tutorial.

Make sure your vase is clean and dry. Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol for optimal adhesion.

Put rhinestone mesh trim around vase and measure how much you will need to cover. Note: This rhinestone mesh has 24 rows, I cut two rows off to shorten it.

Cut your trim to the appropriate length. Next, place the adhesives on the mesh trim, I placed three squares down and 4-5 squares across all three rows.

With your glue in place, carefully place your trim on the vase. Make sure the ends meet so that the seam looks flawless.

Now that your rhinestone is in place, your vase is ready to be filled. Fill the vase with water, put two silver branches in the vase.

Lastly, cut stems off of the hydrangeas (make sure stems cannot be seen below the rhinestone trim) and put them in the vase. The branches should be in the middle with the hydrangeas surrounding them.

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