How to make the best chocolate chip cookies

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(One quick thing) This is not my recipe I got this offline it was White chocolate macadamia nut but I changed it you can switch it out if you want it won't change it at all

Set your oven for 350° Sorry I know my oven is a mess

Put your softened butter and sugars in your mixing bowl

Mix Intel fully combined

Beat in both eggs and then both of your extracts

It should look like this when your done now put this a side

Now in a separate bowl mix together salt, flour and baking soda

Now add your flour mixture and beat until combined keep adding your flour mixture until it's all combined

this is what your doe should look like once your done adding your flour mixture

If you were not using nuts I do a cup and a half or so of chocolate chips if you are going to use nuts only use a cup

I'm using about a cup of walnuts you can use less or more depends on your preference

Now line a baking sheet with a piece of parchment paper if you don't have parchment paper use aluminum foil

Now I'm using a jumbo ice cream scoop here but if you don't have one that is perfectly fine you can just use a tablespoon The cookies will come out a lot smaller but they'll cook much faster

If you want jumbo size cookies use jumbo size ice cream scoop if you want more of a normal size cookie you can just use a tablespoon

Set your timer for 17-20 minutes if you're doing a jumbo size cookie for doing the tablespoon do 8-10 minutes

Mmmmm yummy! Mine came out a little bit over done so I suggest not doing 20 minutes

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