How to create merry christmas! tags

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Mist tag with water. Tap out small amounts of Parakeet and Barbie onto your craft sheet.

Sponge on several coats of each color, blending and drying in between applications.

Place your image. All my images were added using my Xyron.

Paint a holly leaf with Shamrock and Ferrari. Triple emboss a snowflake with silver embossing powder. Using a Micron pen, add veins to the holly leaves and define the shape of the berries.

Trip your image with ribbon and lace. I used red and green ribbon and off-white lace.

Add your holly leaves and snowflake.

Cut out Joyful using the Sizzix Thinlits Holiday die and spray with Rustic and then Ice. Our team theme this month is Positive Words and to me, Joyful is very positive.

Place your word on the diagonal across the bottom of the tag. Set aside. A little late in this guide, I will make the library pocket it goes in.

For your next tag, spray with Barbie and Grass.

Place your image.

I trimmed this image with dark green silk ribbon.

Spray Believe with Glorious and Ice

Paint a Santa hat with Ferrari and Cotton. I dabbed on the Cotton in several layers until I got the "fluffy" fur look I wanted. Make sure you dry in-between the layers.

Now add your work and your Santa hat to the tag and set aside.

For the third and final tag, paint on a Sandstone using a large brush and wide strokes. You don't want it a solid color.

Next spray Glorious onto your tag, rubbing lightly to remove it from the painted areas.

Place your image.

I trimmed this image with a little more of my off-white lace.

I then trimmed the bottom with some Christmas tree border I had and sprinkled snowflake confetti over the page.

Now for the library pockets the tags go in. I sprayed one of each with Granny Smith, Rustic, and Timeless.

I chose papers that matched the tags going in the pockets, trimmed them, and then glued them on.

Spray a white flower with Barbie and Seasons Greetings with Granny Smith followed and then with Stirling.

Place on the front of a pocket.

Next, spray a white flower and Holidays with Salmon followed by a spritz of Gilded Gold.

Place on your next pocket.

For the last pocket, I just trimmed it with diamond wrap (available in floral supply stores).

Now all three tags and their matching pockets are complete!

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