How to create an art weaving

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Tie a knot at the top of your board with the yarn.

Make an even amount of rows for your weaving. I did 12.

Cut the yarn. Be sure to leave enough string to tie another knot.

Tie another knot at the top. I usually do a double knot.


Pick a new color of yarn. Tie a knot around the first row at the top.

Double knot.

Weave your yarn. Go over the first row under the second and follow that pattern. Over under over under....

Go back the other way. Always go over first then under.

Pull the yarn through.

Push the yarn up so it is touching.

Keep going. When you are ready for your next yarn. Cut off your next piece and tie it in a double knot with the previous.

Double knot.

Over under over under... Keep going until you fill up the whole board.

Here are some that have reached the bottom. Tie a knot at the bottom when finished.

Flip over to the back and cut the yarn in the middle.

This is the finished art weaving!

If you want to hang tie a knot at the top.

You can always add beads at the bottom for extra decoration.

Art Weaving 🏻

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