How to alter an gratitude journal

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I found this little journal in my stash. With its Kraft paper covering it was just asking to get painted!

I deconstructed the journal to alter the covers. I started by covering it with gesso then adhering printed tissue over it.

I painted some letters that spell 'thankful' with gesso.

I added texture to a couple of corners with the Stucco Medium and the Tick Tock stencil.

I bit more texture with Stucco and the Morse Code stencil.

Next, I rubbed Bronze Metal over the tissue.

Once the gesso was dry, I painted the letters with Viridian Sorbet.

I laid out the letters onto the cover and glued them down.

I took my Siesta Key Coloration and poured some into a plastic bottle with a sponge dauber top. I applied it to the edges of my covers.

I did the same with some Warm Coloration and applied it to the inside of the covers.

I randomly stamped with black ink around the inside and outside of the covers with this stamp I carved myself.

I took a stiff bristled brush, dipped it into some Siesta Key Colorations and flicked it all over the outside of the covers.

I edged these flowers with Siesta Key Colorations, then coated them with Gold Digger Sorbet.

Here are my Colorations along side the sponge dauber bottles.

Finally, I reconstructed the journal and it's finished!

I added a cheerful card to the inside of the notebook to greet the writer each time she opens it to write.

Until next time...

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