How to paint the back of your bookcase

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Bookcases are a popular feature in any home, they provide a place to store books, collectibles, and art. If your bored with basic white, pop on down to the paint store and pick a hue you love.

For this project, a Primer + Paint formula is recommended such as Glidden's Interior DUO in Eggshell sheen. The paint color used for this project was Glidden's Alligator Pear.

Remove shelves to begin. Cut in the top, bottom, and sides with the angled paintbrush. Fill in the middle section, then wipe up any mistakes with a cotton rag. Glidden's formula covers in one coat!

Once the paint is dry, place the shelves back inside the bookcase and style with your favorite books and collectibles.

Painting the back of your bookcases adds a welcome dose of color to your space and is an easy update you can complete in an afternoon!

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