How to create woven yarn dolls

You will need a rectangle piece of cardboard to make a loom.

Bend both ends of the cardboard loom.

With a pencil and ruler, make 6 marks 1/2 inch apart on both ends of the cardboard loom.

Cut the pencil markings with a scissors on both ends of the cardboard look.

Warp the cardboard loom by putting the threads in the cuts.

Keep warping until all the thread is in the cuts.

Turn loom over and tie the two ends of the warp thread together.

Begin weaving the hair of your yarn doll by using three long strands of yarn folded in half.

Tie yarn onto the warp thread.

Begin weaving......

When you decide to change yarn colors tie the two end of the yarn together.

Tie buttons on for shoes or wrap a pipe cleaners around the warp threads for shoes. Be creative!

Take three strands of yarn, fold and tie onto warp threads for arms.

Have fun adding eyes, buttons, hair.....

Turn over the loom. Cut the warp threads.

Tie ALL of the warp thread ends together so your weaving doesn't fall apart!

Watch the video: How to Make a Yarn Doll That Hugs Your Finger

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