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Fold your paper hamburger style.

Keep it folded, and fold a second time in the same way.

It should look like this once folded twice.

Open up your paper. You should have divided your paper into four equal sections.

Hi Bob! We are going to draw you!

Draw Bob's head. His head should touch the top of your paper and come half way down into your first folded section.

Draw Bob's neck. His neck is not too long.

Draw Bob's chest. His chest should be wider than his head and come halfway down into your second section.

Draw Bob's waist. His waist is not too long and is thinner than his chest. You should still have half of your second section empty.

Draw Bob's hips. Bob's hips are a little wider than his waist. Bob's hips should come to the middle fold in your paper.

Draw Bob's hip joints. They are ovals on each side under Bob's hips.

Draw Bob's thighs. Bob's thighs go to the bottom fold on your paper, filling the third section.

Draw Bob's knees. Bob's knees are small ovals.

Draw Bob's calves. Bob's calves go almost to the bottom of the paper ( leave room for Bob's feet! ).

Draw Bob's ankles. Small ovals.

Draw Bob's feet. Long ovals. They can go off the edge of the paper if needed.

Draw Bob's shoulders. Circles on both sides of Bob's chest.

Draw Bob's upper arm. Bob's upper arm should come halfway down the second section, or to the bottom of Bob's waist.

Draw Bob's elbows. Small ovals.

Draw Bob's lower arms. Bob's lower arms come right past Bob's hip joints.

Draw Bob's wrists. Small ovals.

Draw Bob's hands. Long ovals.

Give Bob some value to turn him into FORM (only if you have extra time). Congratulations! You created a successful figure drawing in proportion!

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