How to make chia seed pudding vegan

Before you start make sure you have all ingredients and tools ready. You can use any container of your choosing, I'm using a mason jar. You will also need a measuring cup, spoon and a timer.

Set out everything you need.

The Chia seeds will absorb all the liquid and enlarge. Creating a pudding like consistency.

Place in the fridge for 30 mins to an hour. After the first 15 minutes stir to combine all the seeds that have accumulated at the bottom. If necessary you can leave in fridge overnight.

You can also make different and many variations just by adding cacao powder, coconut milk, fruit, fruit preserves, nuts or veggies to this recipe. 🍍🍏🍌🍓

This is 2 hours later.

Pudding like consistency. If left overnight the thicker the pudding.

Vegan whip cream can also be added.

And add some bananas! 🍌

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