How to make an origami sailboat

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Start out with a square piece of paper, of any size.

Fold the west corner over, and crease.

Open up the square again.

Fold the north corner down, and crease.

Open it back up again.

Turn the paper over.

Fold the right side over onto the left.

Open up the square once again.

Fold over the upper left side.

Open the square for the last time.

Bring together all the corners.

Fold one of the corners into the inside, to meet with the corner inside the square, and crease.

Turn it over, and repeat the last step.

Rotate the square.

Fold one of the triangles down.

Fold the triangle back up, crease.

Unfold that entire triangle, and refold it into the triangle pocket beneath it.

Fold up the south corner, crease.

Fold it partially down, but don't crease it, as it'll be the stand for the sailboat.

Turn it over, stand it up, and you've made an origami sailboat!

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