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1 cup of the meat mix+1/2 cup rice thou roughly washed. 2 tbsp butter +1tsp olive oil. +1 garlic clove(optional), salt&pepper to taste+1tbsp cinnamon, 1/2 cup of grilled pine seeds

Chicken broth or u can use water

The secret ingredient or the unusual ingredient for this rice recipe is the rose water

For the topping

Meat mix preparation. Dice onions

Dice meat. It is important to use Beef filet steak

Fry the meat in the butter+oil

Then fry the onions

Mix meat and onions. At this point you can prepare ahead. Let cool and reserve.

Wash the rice until water is clear

And drain

Put butter in a casserole

Add the garlic

And olive oil. When garlic is fragrant you can discard or keep till the end.

Add the rice and cook 3-4 mins

Add the cinnamon and the broth

Add the pine seeds. Cover and cook until rice is al dente

When it is done... Add the rose water. Cover and let stand around 5 mins. Serve

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