How to make plum crumble in a combi oven

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First things first. Let's cut our plumbs. Here's how I do it. With a small knife, cut down to the pit. Keeping the knife in the plum, roll the plum so the knife cuts a circle around the plum.

Give a twist and pull apart.

I use a melon baller to remove the pit

Remove the stem.

Cut the plums into wedges.

Assemble your ingredients.

Add a teaspoon of the flour to the plums.

Add a little of the cinnamon.

And all of the brown sugar.

Toss the plums to evenly coat them.

Fill your mason jars with the plums. Squash them down a bit. You can use ramekins too.

For the topping, mix the flour,


Remaining cinnamon,

And a touch of salt.

Crack your egg into the mix and combine with your hand.

After everything is incorporated, you're ready to go.

Top all of the jars with the crumble topping.

Drizzle the butter over each of the crumbles.

Bake in the combi oven at 340F (171C).

Start in convection mode for 5 minutes and finish in combi mode for 15 more minutes.

I could have used a bit more topping as you see.

A little whipped cream and YUM!

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