How to bake mason jar chocolate cakes in a as cook & hold

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Run mason jars through the dishwasher to clean.

Assemble ingredients.

Melt butter and chocolate in the combi-steam mode at 212F (100C).

Combine sugar and cocoa powder in a separate bowl.

Whisk together until cocoa lumps are broken down.

Resulting in a blended mix.

Add eggs to sugar and powder mixture.

Whisk until incorporated.

Add cooled butter/chocolate mixture slowly to sugar ingredients until combined.

Scoop chocolate mixture into buttered and sugared mason jars.

Fill mixture just below the rim.

Place on a tray into the Alto-Shaam cook & hold oven.

Set cook temp to 325F (163C).

Set cook time for 45 minutes.

Chocolate cakes will rise and puff slightly above the jar mouth.

Baked on the outside. Warm and gooey texture on the inside. Drizzle atop with a homemade anglaise or raspberry sauce.

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