How to make pickled onions sous vide style

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First combine 2 cups of fresh lime juice with 2 cups of tequila.

Chop up to jalapenos and put them aside. (These will be added later)

Add about a quarter cup of sugar and about a quarter cup of agave syrup to your lime juice and tequila.

Slice about 8 to 10 red onions.

Add a little chipotle powder and a little cumin to your liquid.

Fill sous vide bags with the onions and a pinch of the diced.

Add the liquid to the bags carefully.

Try to distribute the liquid evenly among all your bags.

Seal the bags in vacuum sealer.

Make sure you create a hard vacuum in order to compress the onions very tightly.

This is about how many bags you will get from nine onions. Enjoy!

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