How to make 'вареники' ukrainian ravioli🇺🇦

The main ingredients

Cut the dill

Crumble the feta cheese

Boil the potatoes

Rice the potatoes with a potato ricer or with a fork

Mix all ingredients

Add pepper... No need for salt. The feta already has salt

Spread the dough and cut circles. Here I am using a 6 cm circle

Put the stuffing

And close it

Put them on a nonstick surface. Powder with flour or semolina

Prepare a bowl with butter (2tbsp). No worry the surplus remains in the bowl). And prepare a pot of boiling water.

When the water boils put the vareniky few at a time and stir so as they don't stick to the bottom

Once they float they are cooked... Like fresh pasta

Take out and put in the butter

Coat with butter

Serve and garnish with fresh herbs of your choice. Here I put more dill and chives. Also you can add few Tsp of sour cream.

Serve with or without cream

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