How to change gear box fluid in royal enfield std 350

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Park the motorcycle on a raised platform like a wooden plank or stone slab.

The rear wheel should be raised off the ground with considerable space for the wheel to rotate freely

If you decide to drain the fluid, open the lid bolt using 18mm socket wrench and add some engine oil or kerosene before warm up. This loosens the entire gearbox fluid and helps quicken the draining

If you plan to only top up fluid you can directly goto step 16

Use 18mm socket wrench and remove the gearbox fluid filling or lid cap/bolt

This is the bolt that is the lid for gearbox fluid filling.

You can choose to open it using 18mm spanner as well, but be careful not to spoil the grease nipple nearby

Again using a 18mm spanner remove the drain bolt at the bottom of the gear box. Note : if you are topping up fluid you can skip the removal of drain bolt and go to step no 16

This is the drain bolt. Picture is taken from the bottom of the motorcycle.

Remove the drain bolt using a 18mm spanner or socket wrench

Picture taken from the bottom of the gearbox for better understanding the scenario

Remove the bolt. Note : keep a pan underneath the gearbox to collect the old fluid

Once you remove the drain bolt, fluid will start draining out

Wait for around 15mins or more for the fluid to drain out, the transmission fluid is very viscous in nature ( especially the pre filled fluid from factory ). Step 4 helps quicken draining

Using 14mm spanner or socket wrench remove the level indicator bolt.

Remove this bolt that covers the level indicating hole. You should add transmission fluid until it starts spilling from this hole.

Close the drain hole with the drain bolt. Make sure you clean the bolt and also do not forget to use a fibre washer. Please be very careful not to strip the threads on the drain hole.

Tighten using 18mm spanner. Do not over tighten and spoil the threads

Ideally full hand tight and then a quarter turn using a spanner would be fine.

Keep a funnel in the fill hole

Use any transmission fluid of your choice. Ideally a mix of grease and transmission fluid is recommended

Pour in the fluid

Until it starts dripping from the level indicator hole

Close the level indicator hole with the cleaned 14mm bolt. Don't forget to use a fibre washer

Close the level indicator hole and tighten fully by hand

Using a 14mm spanner or wrench

Torque the inspection bolt

Use the cleaned lid bolt and close the filling lid hole

Always hand tighten bolts and then use spanner to torque bolts gently by feeling for tightness. Note : Over tightening bolts on engine casings made of aluminium are very easy to strip threads.

Torque the lid bolt using a spanner or wrench. Take care not to spoil the grease nipple

Clean the engine, gearbox surfaces with a cloth. Wear a helmet and go for a test ride, check for leaks and tighten bolts as required.

Watch the video: Royal Enfield Bullet Primary Oil Change


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