How to make 'mraqqad'beinoise easter bread🇱🇧

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Traditional stamps. If one has them but I will form the breads by hand. It is not easy to get the stamps

The ingredients

Dilute the yeast in warm milk and leave to froth (20 mins). In the meantime measure flour. Add spices. Add the sugar . When yeast is ready add it over the flour

Grind spices and add to the flour

Add the sugar. Mix

Mix and make a well

After 20 mins. The milk with yeast is bubbly

Add the milk/yeast. To the flour and mix until they come together. Add the melted clarified butter. (Ghee) Knead for 1 min. Not more. Cover and let 2 hrs.

This will be the texture. Very buttery and already flaky

Cover and let stand for at least 2 hrs. This dough will not double in size. So don't worry

I have done few the traditional way

After 2 hrs. Put on the oven on 165Form the cookies and put on lined trays. Bake 18-20 mins turning at half time... Line the trays with second trays.

After all I prefer this way of forming the breads

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