How to make traditional crepes for candlemas in france 🇫🇷

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It is called Groundhog Day. In France, the tradition is to make crepes.

There are so many recipes for crepes. This one is for the crepe Suzette. A very French desert. Was named by the duke of Windsor and in the cafe de Paris in Monaco. It is good for 6-8 crepes and➡️

This guide is about a simplified crepe Suzette but without loosing the flavor. Serve hot, warm or flambé.


Put milk+melted butter+eggs+sugar+orange zest. Mix with a whisk or with a hand blender

Add 2 tbsp grand mariner or any orange liqueur like Cointreau or curaçao or???

Heat the pan and start making the crepes

Make the Suzette butter. In a food processor put the butter sugar orange zest and some orange liqueur

The Suzette butter

Prepare The crepes and the Suzette butter

Spread butter on the crepes

Fold into quarters and put in the frying pan

Add some Suzette butter and heat on medium heat. Turn once or twice until they sizzle

Either serve immediately as such or pour I/2 cup of orange liqueur and light it ( flambé) and Thaler to the table. Make sure the lights are dim to show the flame.. Impressive


Watch the video: How To Make Crepes l French Crepe Recipe l Easy Crepe Recipe l Classic Crepes l Nutella Crepes


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