How to make stovetop stuffed,spanish style meatloaf

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Cast: PS: I didn't use Ragu this time I used Francisco rinaldi. I use them interchangeably when I'm making meatloaf. Use whatever jar sauce you like.

Before we start we will boil 2 of the eggs. When they are done, peel them and set aside. If you don't want eggs inside the meatloaf skip this step ️

To the beef add some mojito. About 1 tbs

I like to use fresh bread when making meatloaf as well as meatballs. It makes the meat so tender. Yum ️ so I'll be using my mini proc. to make it into breadcrumbs.

Put the breadcrumbs in a bowl. It will look like a lot(2 cups to be exact) Once blended it will disappear into the beef. To the crumbs add a little more than a 1/4 cup of water or milk. Let it soak.

Mix the breadcrumbs well until all is moistened and stays together when pressed. No worries, the meatloaf won't taste like bread but it is essential to this recipe.

To the crumbs add the third egg that wasn't boiled.

Continue with the garlic powder

The onion powder

The adobo powder

The sazon accent.

The oregano

And the 1/2 tbs of Mojo. Mix it all well.

To the breadcrumbs add the ground beef

Mix it very well by hand

You will now need a pot in which you will add the meatloaf mixture. We will free-form the meatloaf. While free forming into a rectangle we will make an indentation lge enough to fit 2 hard boiled eggs

See how nice it looks. Just like a meatloaf.😉

Now in this step you can use any jar sauce you want. I like Francisco rinaldi. I will pour it over my meatloaf

The whole meatloaf must be covered. If necessary add about 3 tbs of water if you find that the sauce is too thick(optional)

Once the meatloaf has been covered you will take the pot and set it on the stove over low heat. Cover the pot and cook it for 25-30 minutes

Serve this with a side of rice, salad or any green vegetable like broccoli. Nomnom ️

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