How to gift wrap odd shapes the gift bag way!

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A Gift of an odd shape like this is difficult to wrap. Here's one way to solve that.

Now if you know me I'm all about repurposing things. You can use gift wrap paper, craft paper, old roll of wallpaper, magazine paper..the possibilities are endless. Be creative and Repurpose Paper!

Lay the paper out.

And fold back on itself.

Lay your gift down to ensure paper is large enough to fit.

Crease the side.

Now pull the other side over to overlap the first.

Cut that side.

It now should look like this.

You can use tape, any size, staples or glue, any kind you choose, to close the overlapped area.

I chose the large packing tape.

To make the bottom of it, lay your gift at the bottle and mark or eyeball where to fold.

I marked here to ensure my gift will fit.

Fold up on your mark.

Your mark should be in the crease.

Keeping on the side, insert hand in the hole on this end you just folded.

And fold down.

Turn it and fold other side.

Fold one side to the middle.

Fold and Overlap the other side.

Tape, staple or glue down.

Now fold up the sides.

Like so.

And crease.

Fold up both sides.

Insert hand on other side.

Pop open like a paper bag.

Fixing the corners.

Fix your creases.


Place gift in.

Pinch in on creases and fold down.

Like so.

Or don't pinch in, just fold.

You could tape it down or use a clip. I've got a laundry clothespin with a bow. Enjoy!

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