How to make snow votives

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Purchase some cheap votives or glassware that hold candles at any Walmart or craft store. I got these for about 1.45 each

Wrap rubber bands around the glassware to create a design. Use bands thick enough to see and be sure they are not twisted. They need to be flat against the glass. Make any design you desire.

Spray paint the glass with a white paint. Be careful to hold the paint can back so it doesn't run on the glass.

Once the white paint drys, spray it with spray glue and pour Epsom salts over the glass. If the covering is too light, spray with glue again and pour Epsom salts over again.

Tap the jars lightly to dislodge any loose Epsom salts. Spray with Shellac to hold the salt on the jar. While shellac is still wet, sprinkle glitter on the glass to add sparkle if you prefer.

Let the shellac dry about 15 minutes. Using an exacto knife, carefully cut the rubber bands.

When lit, the design shows through nicely

Lit votive

You can use this same technique for wine bottles. I use wine bottles to hold twigs and berries for Christmas to compliment center pieces

Another example

The votives look great mixed in with red and white center pieces

Watch the video: Dollar Tree DIY - Twine Ornaments


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