How to make a vietnamese omelette

This recipe was taught to me by my mum. This dish is healthy because it contains vitamins and minerals.

The egg contains a lot of protein and is good for a balanced diet. It contains many of the nutrients meat would provide. A single egg provides 7 significant vitamins.

Crack 3 eggs or however many you want and put them in a bowl

Stir the eggs thoroughly

Mince some onions and ready the sweet corn

Add some spring onions into the egg also put a little bit of sugar, pepper and soy sauce into the egg mixture you made earlier and stir it a little bit

Turn on the stove and pour some oil into the frying pan. Make sure it is even

Put the onions you minced earlier into the pan and stir until about golden brown

Then pour the egg mixture into the pan and continue to stir

Then add the corn and continue to stir for about 3 minutes

Scoop it out on to a plate

Then add rice

You're done now enjoy!

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