How to create a glue peel for nails andglitter removal.

What you will need: Glue, Q-tips, and any color nail polish you want.

Take your clean nail ....

Dip Q-tip in Glue .....

And try to create an even coat all around your nail, making sure none gets on the nail itself.

Like so

Once the glue is semi-dry, paint your nail like you usually would.

I normally don't get polish on the sides but I added some on random parts for the sake of this showing you if it actually works.

Let dry

Once dried, pick a small Piece of glue on the corner and start careful peeling.

Ta-daa, I usually do this little trick when I paint my dominant hand. I hope you like it! All credit goes to the people on Pintrest I saw this on.

Another Trick for When you do glitter nail polish is to apply a base coat of glue to your nail. Letting it dry and then applying glitter polish. Once you desire to remove, simply peel the polish off.

Add base coat Elmers glue

Let it dry

Paint regularly with Glitter polish and let that dry as well. When you want to take it off , all you have to do it peel!

Here is another(better) example of how it will look to take the Glitter off after a few days---->

See! So easy!

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask! Thank you

Watch the video: Easy Glitter removal with school glue

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