How to wireless connect ipad mini to home stereo receiver

aFM Music Transmitter provides an quick and easy way to connect iPad Mini to any old home stereo receiver without the need of any modern technology such as bluetooth or wifi connection.

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aFM Music Transmitter broadcast movie, music, even streaming media via FM signal which can be pick up by any FM radio without static noise or distortion.

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Once the aFM Music Transmitter is fully charged. Simply remove the USB charger from the music transmitter

Make sure the aFM Music Transmitter is turn on and the home radio receiver preset matches to the transmitter accordingly.

FIXED preset setup that defeat unwanted radio signal instead of sharing and overcasting to an existing one to provides a CD quality sound without a hint of distortion, crackle or static noise.

Once the setting are matched. Plug in the aFM Music Transmitter to the iPad Mini's audio output.

Make sure the aFM Music Transmitter is plug in tightly and feel the snug snap!

Choose the movie and set the volume at 80 percent to get the optimal sound quality.

Set the desired volume on the home stereo receiver

You have now successfully connect your iPad mini to your home stereo receiver.

You are now free to move around and enjoy your media from your iPad mini through the Hi - Fi sound from your home stereo receiver. See Demo on

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Watch the video: Add Bluetooth to any Home Stereo in under 2 Minutes

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