How to cookchar kway teow

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The common protein you may include are: Pork Chicken Egg Prawn Cockles Fish cake

The regular options of vegetable or greens you can include are : Bean sprout Chinese garlic chives Scallion Choy sam

As usual for any chinese recipe PREPARATION is essential. Gather all ingredients and prepare them in advance as the cooking will be quick and easy.

I will be using dark and light soy sauce, oyster sauce and in place of sambal olek I will use guilin chilli paste (this was the only chilli paste I had in my pantry)

These are some of my prep.

Start with a smoking hot wok. Add lard. Fry till crisp and keep aside. When using vegetable oil, disregard this step.

Now you can smell the lard and it has shriveled, leaving melted fat for flavor

Add lap cheong or diagonally sliced sweet chinese sausages

When the edges crisp up remove from wok and keep aside

Add 1 tspn light soy to the thinly sliced pork. Stir well.

Spread it onto the wok. It will cook fast.

Push them to the sides and add minced garlic and sambal olek. Becareful not to burn it. Keep stirring or agitate the wok.

Add prawns a cook for a minute. Add the fresh noodles.

Add all your sauces to taste.

Toss them to heat through. Scrape the bottom of wok or pot frequently to minimize sticking

Once it is cooked and all the sauce is mixed through - make a little well at the centre of the wok.

Add the lightly whisked egg. Allow it to set a little before mixing it through.

I like my sprouts a little crunchy. So i switch the flame off and add them. Add the fried lard and the chinese sausage and stir through.

My favourite is usually the charred bits that you get from the bottom of the wok. It has an intense salty sweet flavor

Serve it hot. You can eat it as it is or with some sambal olek on the side. Yummo.

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