How to make chalkboard containers

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The first thing you'll need is some chalkboard paint. I'm using some leftovers from when we painted my wall a few years back

Then take some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs (or just something to wipe with) and clean the area you wish to paint

After its clean wait around 30 seconds to a minute for it to air dry

Then use masking tape to mark off areas you don't want paint on

Now take a paint brush (or I moved to a sponge-type brush) and paint the first layer

It will most likely be streaky

Wait half an hour before the second coat (longer if it is being done inside or In cold temperatures)

This is the brush I switched to

Don't be tempted to skip the last few minutes, it's important to wait it out

Once your time is up, apply a second coat

My second coat covered pretty well

Start the timer again and check to decide if you really need another coat after the time is up

It's better to peel off the paint while it's still wet, so the paint doesn't come off with the tape

After half an hour I decided that a third coat was not needed, and peeled off my tape

Then using a toothpick I gently scraped off any paint that adventured under the tape

For cleaner lines

Before conditioning the chalkboard, I'm going to wait overnight (or possibly longer) to make sure the paint is completely dry and settled

Mine ended up waiting over a day to condition

Take your chalk and gently rub it all over

Then use a wash cloth and gently while it off

Then you're ready to write whatever you want on it(:

My finished jars

Watch the video: DIY: Chalkboard Stickers

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