How to create texture using flower soft

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I purchased this frame in the clearance section at Michaels. Take the frame apart and measure the back.

Using the back of the frame dimensions, cut yourself a piece of chipboard for your foundation.

I chose these artists papers to use for the backgrounds, I thought they had great texture and would be perfect for my spring/fall window. Somerset mag always has great papers to tear out and use.

Cut your papers to fit your chipboard and glue down. Choose your stamps and use archival ink for applying to your board.

Black archival is always my favorite as it provides a nice crisp image to work with. See how these papers provided a nice back drop for my scene.

Flower Soft actually makes there own glue, but mine was dried up so this Scotch Quick Dry worked fine.

Add tiny dots of glue wherever you want to place your Flower Soft

Sprinkle the Flower Soft on top of the glued area and pat gently. Pour the excess back into your container and continue to the next area to glue.

I like Flower Soft because it still allows you to see the stamped image in the background for depth. Wonderful texture. Make sure to dry completely.

I then added Stickles to my butterfly.

Paint your frame with white acrylic paint and allow to dry.

Give your frame a coat of Crackle and allow to dry till tacky. Then apply another coat of white acrylic paint. To add more texture you can use a heat gun, this will cause bubbles and more cracks.

After your frame has completely dried apply DI Weathered Wood and Pumice Stone for a shabby chic look.

To separate my window I used a piece of wood but you can use chipboard and paint it white, glue down the center of your window.

For the curtain rod I used a wooden skewer and two mini spools.

Glue the ends of the dowel in the mini spools and spray with Walnut Stain. Glue to the top of the window (frame).

I used a double ruffled tulle for the curtains, but you can use lace or whatever you would like. Glue two rows down.

And there you have it. A cute reminder to stop and take time from your busy schedule to watch the wonder of nature.

Try using the Flower Soft on your scrapbook layouts or cards, it's beautiful. You can add it to animal stamps, it provides texture that looks so cute.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, happy creating !

For more inspiration visit my blog at

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