How to grow a pineapple

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Take your store bought pineapple and simply twist off the top. Hold base of pineapple firm with one hand, with the other grab the top of the fruit where the leaves are and in a twisting motion..pull

Like so

Start a the base of the leaves and begin to pull each leaf off, exposing little roots..

See the roots?!

Make sure to pull out any damaged leaves

You should end up with something like this

Take a glass of water, and a tsp of fertilizer in the cup, set the pineapple top in it. Leave it in for 24 hours then transfer to a pot with soil. Simply create a 1/2 inch hole and set the top inside

This is what it will look like a month later..I cut the old leaves so it will be easier to see the new leaves when they come in. I use a diy fertilizer of banana peels and egg shells!

See how much the roots have grown??

Water your plant from the top, the water will gradually make it's way to the roots

Be patient when growing your pineapple. It will take about 1 1/2-2 yrs for your plant to mature. Once your plant is ready to fruit, a stalk will grow in the middle with your fruit on top of it

2 and a half months old:) As time goes on I will keep you guys updated with the plant and what to expect!

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