How to give your dog a soothing bath

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Supplies- Dog Shampoo, Bath tub or bucket, Lavender essential oil, Water, Dog Brush, and Apron, towel

Brush your dog before the bath. The water will make any tangles tighter.

You may get wet so an apron would be a good idea. (Optional)

Put cotton ball in their ears to prevent ear infections. (Optional)

Before the bath make sure you have your dog's shampoo and the lavender essential oil.

Before you put your dog in the bath or bucket check the temp of the water make sure it is not to hot or not to cold.

Put your dog in the tub and fill the water to your dog's knees.

Add 3 drops of the lavender essential oil. (Optional)

Wet your dog just to make it easier to scrub the soap on.

Put a dime size amount of dog shampoo in your hand.

Start by scrubbing the body with shampoo.

Then scrub the rear end

Then gently scrub the head and neck avoiding contact with eyes


Drain your water.

Gently wash your dogs face.

Rinse the body till squeaky clean.

Gently squeeze out the excess water.

Wrap the dog with a towel.

Towel out the moisture in the ears.

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