How to tie shoelaces with one hand

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Take the right lace in one hand.

Make a loop

Slide the loop underneath the lace as shown. Only slide half of the loop underneath the lace.

See this space. You will be putting the bottom loop through this space.

Put the bottom loop in the space and...

...slide the loop underneath as shown.

Pull the loop to the right to tighten it

Pull the loop to the left to tighten it some more.

Keep repeating pulling the loop back and forth until it is tight.

You can repeat this with the left lace. You can tuck the loose ends in the shoe. To untie the lace, simply pull on the end of the lace like you would normally do with your shoelaces.

To tie just one bow per shoe, you will need to re-lace your shoes. One end of the lace stays at the top (arrow). The other end of the shoelace gets laced through the rest of the shoe.

The top end of the lace (arrow) can be cut, knotted so it won't slide through and tucked out of sight. Tie a bow at the bottom end of the lace.

Voila! To see a video version of this go to

Watch the video: Standard Shoelace Knot tutorial Professor Shoelace


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